Thursday, May 31, 2012


The entire clan!

My little sister and the graduate!

The detailing is SICK. 

What a winner. 

Hallo! (Afrikaans) I haven't posted in a couple of days...shame on me! I've been working with my mother and a great team of ladies to set up for my brother's graduation! Goodness is he getting old! The graduates all looked fabulous in their red and white gowns. The ceremony was short& they should be! I'm sure I'm not the only one attending various graduations and graduation parties. Such a fun and stressful time! Pictures 3-6 are close ups of my outfit for the evening. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that freakin' jacket! It's surprisingly comfortable and gurantees a few turned heads! I got mine off of Mod Cloth but I'm not entirely sure if they still have them in stock. Anyway, Happy Graduation season to all! 

Jacket: Mod Cloth
Dress: MM Couture
Shoes: Joan&David

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