Sunday, July 31, 2011

Matthew and Bings Bracelet! (Precious)

First off, this is my third post today! That's exciting isn't it!? Anyway, I came across a lovely picture of Matthew performing last night at LA Rising decked out in his Captain America shirt and red jeans. However, there was something that really caught my eye when it came to his ensemble...he wore a little white bracelet on his left wrist. Well naturally I wondered what it was but didn't think much of it until I was told by one of my dear muser friends that the bracelet in question was actually Bing's Hospital Tag, (and hold for insne Fan!Girl moment) how insanely precious is that! He is so fantastic it makes me want to vomit...yeah I just said that. Anyway I'll post the picture so you can as well share in my Fan!Girl session! Love you all, enjoy!!

Look At What Our Dear Matthew Sent Us!

Well today I was increadibly happy when I checked my cellular device and found out Matthew actually tweeted us! (Yes I get Matt's, Chris's, Dom's, Dom A's, Muse's, and Tom's tweets sent to my phone...) Expecting to see something about LA Rising, which I'm sure was spectacular, when I opened up twitter and saw that he sent us this delightful little video I could only cry out in enjoyment! How lovely to know that our Zeta God watches Monty Python! Enjoy!

Song Of The Day! (Gotta Get It Right Now by Telekinesis)

I know alot of you are probably expecting me to post a muse song however for today that is not the case! Today I'm posting a fun, up beat, summer tune that'll make you want to sing a long! The song is called Gotta Get It Right Now by Telekinesis! I came across this band sometime last year and fell in love with them immediately! I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peroxide Queens Discuss Matthew Bellamy!

A video about the many phases of Matthew Bellamy! I know it's long but check them out!

Kate's Wedding Dress!

Well now that Baby Bing has arrived...not that we actually know what he looks like...i'm not bitter...anyway the next big event we have to look forward to is the wedding of Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson. Apparently she's hired a personal trainer to get her back into shape. Good for her I guess? So now I'm wondering, what will her dress look like? I have no idea but if I had it my way she would wear some sort of outrageous and yet classy style ball gown with some type of different headdress. I'll post a picture of what I have in mind. For now though, I found a picture of Kate at her first wedding! I really like the dress she wore which was a 19th-century themed dress designed by Vera Wang.  I thought it was perfect for her wedding with Chris. How do you guys feel about her dress? 

This is what Kate wore with Chris...

And then there's this...seriously, this is a dress you wear when marrying Matthew James Bellamy. Just lovely! This shall be my wedding dress! Ohh I'm in love!

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!

So this past week Amanda and I drove the 24 hour drive to Orlando to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! It was SPECTACULAR! Just absolutely amazing! The way they paid attetion to detail was outstanding! Oh and not to mention the stores, between Amanda and I we now own 3 Harry Potter Shirts 1 Harry Potter Sweatshirt 4 Pairs of Harry Potter Socks 1 Gryffindor Scarf 1 Slytherin Scarf 1 Harry Potter Back Pack 1 Gryffindor Throw Blanket 1 Gryffindor Lanyard 1 Gryffindor Pennant and 2 Collectible Time Turners. Yeah. Oh and not to mention...So we're in line for the Harry Potter Ride and we strike up a conversation with the girl behind us who has FIRE ENGINE RED Hair (I had bright purple hair so I felt like we had a certain bond) only to find out not only is she British and awesome but she's also A MUSER!!! She went to see them at Wembley, Liverpool, Teignmouth (homecoming gig), Manchester, and Reading! I couldn't even tell you how happy we were to find a muser on the Harry Potter ride! Fantastic experience!

Then there's this goodness...yeah I actually TOOK this picture. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Calling All Brits!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are well! If you're reading this you are probably British and wondering what on earth could Morgan be calling me for? Well here's the reason...the other day I was shopping with my dearest friend Amanda and we came across the British Foods shelf, being that we adore and are so intrigued by the British culture we stopped to check it out. Now here's my you guys ACTUALLY eat this stuff? Some of it looks rather odd but then again we are Americans! Check out the picture below and tell me what you think! Thanks!

You got your nice Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding...

Your Digestive Wheat Biscuits....Yum.

And last but CERTAINLY not least...Mushy, the artificially colored cooked dry peas. In a can. Yum.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Where's Bing?

So there's been many many picture of Matt, Kate, and Ryder on the beach and as happy as I am for Matt and his new family I have to wonder...where the hell is Baby Bing? You know it's not like Matt and Ryder are out all the time and Kate stays inside with the baby, she's out having a good time with her two boys while somebody else is inside with the baby. I'm just very confused as to why they aren't spending time with their child! What's wrong with Bing? Is he a screamer/cryer? Is Kate ashamed of Bing? It's been 2 weeks since Bing came along and NO ONE has seen him! Very strange don't you think? Well I hope Kate, Matt, and Ryder are having a relaxing vacation.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Morgan Dances With Mollee Gray!

We've all seen Mollee on So You Think You Can Dance so I was pretty excited to find out I got to work with her again! She's increadibly talented and is a great inspiration to all aspiring artists out there! Watch her work down below!

Mollee Gray SYTYCD Solo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dominic Howard's Thoughts On Bing!

Oh, hey there beautiful.  Just thought I would share a bit of info I found funny...when asked about little Bing all Dominic Howard had to say was "he's really tiny!". I had to laugh because the first thing I thought was well...yeah Dom, the only babies you've seen are WolstenChildren! Of course Matts offspring look insanely tiny in comparison!

Choreography! You're Not Listening The Rescues

This is my choreography to You're Not Listening by The Rescues! Enjoy!

Matthew Bellamy. Marry Me.

So I recently found this pictures of Matt and Kate at their $10 million beach house in Malibu and all I have to say is Matthew Bellamy...marry me. Now. The way he holds Kate and looks at her shows me that he is just the sweetest and most dedicated boyfriend (I'm sorry fiance) of all time! I'm going to just stop here instead of going on a page length rant about how much I adore Matthew Bellamy and want to be Kate Hudson! My only question is...WHEN WILL WE BE SEEING BABY BING?

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Nails!

Well if you didn't know I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I'm talking die-hard. So for the premiere on Friday I decided to show my Harry Potter pride through my nails! I also drew the Dark Mark and dressed in complete Harry Potter attire but that's besides the point! So anyway here's what they ended up looking like!

Morgan Meets/Works With Tokyo

This is a picture from one of the many times I've worked with the very talented Tokyo! Check out the video of the choreography he taught us!

Tokyo Choreo "How It Ends" 
Dancer Chaz Buzan

Just Taking A Walk

Just what it says! Took a lovely walk with my best friends and decided to stop for a few photos!

White Scarf from Target
Blue Tank from Free People
Green Cargo Shorts from Lucky Brand
Brown Boots from Steve Madden

Monday, July 18, 2011

Choreography! Possibility Lykke Li

Well exactly what it says! This is my choreography to Lykke Li's Possibility! Enjoy!

Just A Place I Went...

So this is just a cute little place I went with my Mother and Sister the other day! I adored the old country feel it gave off!

Intro and Such

Chances are, if you're reading this, you already know me (or at least, kind of know me). If you don't, you will. I live my life as a dancer/choreographer, music maker, fashion lover, occasional photographer, and muser. I spend my procrastination periods blogging about my life. I take pictures of the things in life that inspire me and post them here as well as document my outfits, family, and friends. My favourite and most often posts involve me, my dancing, and Muse. Well you'll get this all soon we go!

Here's some pictures to start us off!

 Well that's me!
These are my two best friends Amanda and Hannah respectively.
And these 3 men are my idols.