Monday, August 22, 2011

NAILS! Union Jack!

If you didn't know...I am a huge fun of the British Culture so I decided how better to show my pride then to do the Union Jack on my nails! Was rather easy here's the steps to achieve this great look!
1. Apply your base coat 
2. Two layers of a deep blue nail polish (I used Cerulean Seascape by Finger Paints)
3. Make a thick red cross covering your entire nail with a skinny bruhed red paint (I used Red by Stripe Rite)
4. Trace the edges of the cross with a skinny brushed white paint (I used White by Stripe Rite)
5. Make red diagonal lines with the red skinny brush to form an X under your exsisting cross
6. Trace the edges of the new X with the white skinny brush
7. Make any necessary touch-ups
8. Apply top coat!