Friday, August 26, 2011

The Wonderful Tom Kirk!

Two weeks ago I recieved the great pleasure of meeting the wonderful Tom Kirk. I thought I would take this time and share with you the story of how I accomplished this...It was a dark and stormy night when...Just we go! I had just arrived at the venue where Muse would be performing (was lucky enough to drive behind the band and their police escorts but that's a different story for a different day!) and had just found the area where I was to be seated to photograph, video tape, and most of all enjoy the show! Our seats (myself and five other close friends) were on the right side all the way up to the stage right by the sound booth. As we were sitting waiting for the opening bands to come on I saw Mr. Kirk walk out from backstage and over to the sound booth so naturally my best friend Amanda called out his name and he stopped to chat with us. We told him it was a pleasure to meet him and asked if we could take a quick snapshot. He of course agreed! After some random chatter and a picture I asked him if he named his dog Charles after Charles Darwin...he laughed,  leaned in, and said "well, yes...everything i do is for Darwin!" I laughed, then he told me I asked a great questions, winked, and bid adieu. Soon after as we were dancing to the opening band's first song I decided to tweet Tom the picture. After I sent it he came back to the sound booth. He waved at us after we made eye contact with him at the booth and about 5 minutes later he tweeted me saying it was nice to meet us and then talked about his tea. He is such a gentleman! Not to mention very handsome in person! Anyway...the concert soon started after that and we danced and sang and took plenty of pictures for this here blog and our many other projects. After the concert we bolted out to beat the traffic and once again happend to drive behind the band (knew it was them due to the police escorts)! We were staying the night at a house about two minutes from the airport where they were departing from so we were lucky enough to see their plane leave. Was a really fantastic night all in all! They sounded amazing and we had a great time! Can't wait for them to pick up touring again!!

And if you read all that you deserve a serious pat on the back!! 

My favourite from the concert!


  1. *accepts pat* You're soooo lucky... I really wish I could meet at least one member of the band in my lifetime... wow.... lol I kind of want to say congratulations, but that would be a bit weird ^_^ I love musers!

  2. Yes I do too! Musers are fantastic:) Someday you will meet them all! Thank you, it was a great night!