Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Matthew Bellamy. Marry Me.

So I recently found this pictures of Matt and Kate at their $10 million beach house in Malibu and all I have to say is Matthew Bellamy...marry me. Now. The way he holds Kate and looks at her shows me that he is just the sweetest and most dedicated boyfriend (I'm sorry fiance) of all time! I'm going to just stop here instead of going on a page length rant about how much I adore Matthew Bellamy and want to be Kate Hudson! My only question is...WHEN WILL WE BE SEEING BABY BING?


  1. I feel you. All I could do was melt and snuggle up to my screen while looking at these ^_^ beautiful scene from a beautiful life.

  2. Seriously, I want to be Kate Hudson. Ughhh!