Monday, July 25, 2011

Where's Bing?

So there's been many many picture of Matt, Kate, and Ryder on the beach and as happy as I am for Matt and his new family I have to wonder...where the hell is Baby Bing? You know it's not like Matt and Ryder are out all the time and Kate stays inside with the baby, she's out having a good time with her two boys while somebody else is inside with the baby. I'm just very confused as to why they aren't spending time with their child! What's wrong with Bing? Is he a screamer/cryer? Is Kate ashamed of Bing? It's been 2 weeks since Bing came along and NO ONE has seen him! Very strange don't you think? Well I hope Kate, Matt, and Ryder are having a relaxing vacation.


  1. Hmm.. I await Bing's internet inspired visual arrival as well, but I'm not worried they don't love him lol.
    I think the papparazzi have been lying about the date these pics were taken. I think It's likely they were taken a couple months before Kate gave birth.
    But thanks for the extra pics! Always nice to see Matt in a happy place...

  2. Yes, always nice to see matt enjoying himself!