Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Morgan Meets/Works With Tokyo

This is a picture from one of the many times I've worked with the very talented Tokyo! Check out the video of the choreography he taught us!

Tokyo Choreo "How It Ends" 
Dancer Chaz Buzan


  1. I think you're much better when you dance on your own choreography :) You feel music a lot, I can see. I could never wrap my head around Contemporary Dance, I've always been a hip-hopper. I'm not the most graceful of people, so I never thought in terms of running, pointing my feet, sticking my legs out, jumping, things like that lol. I think in terms of shuffling.. and swaying and swishing and swag...

    Bah it's 1:32 AM here and I suppose I'm just running on here. But I love your dancing. I love your blog. I love Muse. <3

  2. You are far too kind my friend! Thank you, I'm so lucky to have people who understand and appreciate dance! Thank you for your support my fellow dancer and muser :)