Sunday, July 31, 2011

Matthew and Bings Bracelet! (Precious)

First off, this is my third post today! That's exciting isn't it!? Anyway, I came across a lovely picture of Matthew performing last night at LA Rising decked out in his Captain America shirt and red jeans. However, there was something that really caught my eye when it came to his ensemble...he wore a little white bracelet on his left wrist. Well naturally I wondered what it was but didn't think much of it until I was told by one of my dear muser friends that the bracelet in question was actually Bing's Hospital Tag, (and hold for insne Fan!Girl moment) how insanely precious is that! He is so fantastic it makes me want to vomit...yeah I just said that. Anyway I'll post the picture so you can as well share in my Fan!Girl session! Love you all, enjoy!!


  1. *squeals* *sighs* *melts*

    Aww that is just so... ^_^

    I wonder if Chris was there in his Captain America suit.

  2. My thoughts exactly! How sweet is he? Thank you Matthew man will ever be good enough for me now.

    Haha I don't believe he pulled it out for LA Rising but maybe sometime in the future!