Monday, July 18, 2011

Intro and Such

Chances are, if you're reading this, you already know me (or at least, kind of know me). If you don't, you will. I live my life as a dancer/choreographer, music maker, fashion lover, occasional photographer, and muser. I spend my procrastination periods blogging about my life. I take pictures of the things in life that inspire me and post them here as well as document my outfits, family, and friends. My favourite and most often posts involve me, my dancing, and Muse. Well you'll get this all soon we go!

Here's some pictures to start us off!

 Well that's me!
These are my two best friends Amanda and Hannah respectively.
And these 3 men are my idols. 


  1. Well, ironically, I've never ever met you. I stumbled across this page while perusing the twitter page of Buster Wolstenholme... and you were linked by him :)

    We share idols!

  2. Yes! You found my blog through Buster Wolstenholme! That's hillarious! I'll have some more Muse stuff up here soon!