Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peroxide Queens Discuss Matthew Bellamy!

A video about the many phases of Matthew Bellamy! I know it's long but check them out!


  1. It's lovely to watch other girls talk about Maffoo :D

    He's always been my favorite member of the band. His best phase was when he had that blue stuff on his head..

  2. Oh, and after some quick googling, I found this:

    Matt used to be FIT! But no longer :(

  3. Yeah! Just given everyone else our perspective!! Haha I agree Matts Blue Hair stage was pretty fantastic! I really like his black haired BH&R age...I'm talking SMBH video. Good looking boys. Oh and I saw that picture! Haha Matts so scrawny! He didn't have to do anything to get those muscles! I rather enjoy chubby Matt :)